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About Us

Revolving Sun is a creative agency, publication and collective that aims to be the vessel for those seeking to connect in ways that contribute to creating a life that reflects the pure essence of their existence. When we speak of pure essence, we speak of dreams, of possibility, of love and of restoration. We are all apart of this ecosystem. We want to create a narrative that reflects the heartbeat of the individual as the electrical pulse of the collective. As Bell Hooks said, "Being oppressed means the absence of choices." There is nothing about creativity that is resonant with oppression. We aim to elevate the resources we have to create with through our connections with one another. This is a home for visions to be birthed and quality of life enhanced through creative collaboration. A home where ideas can take form and have a place to live. A space where art can be a portal to being held within our transitions amongst those who are in transition too. We are all constantly arriving and we want to allow what we create as a collective to be to be an echo chamber to the world of what we would like to see in it. Through the mediums of visual art, film, music, poetry, food, herbalism and ancestral practices that connect us internally and externally to the forces of nature we will cultivate community that reminds us all of the ability we have to influence the reality we all share. 

Danielle and Heaven are two creatives birthed and raised in New York, New York with a passion for communal expansion, holistic service work and visionary artwork.





We are available to collaboration with like-hearted revolutionaries, feel free to contact us. We want to create with you.  

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