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pour longer 

until this container is filled

then spill 

and bring me nourishment from deep 

remind me of what eye keep, 

and how that is reflected in what eye speak … wisdom

let me turn within when eye am called to seek

so that my waters be a passageway for those who need to float, 

let those lost at sea find their way back to coast 

when within my waters, 

many will drown, 

to feel is to know

 and eye am knowingly profound 

let the primordial space bring me back around

 to love that meets me when eye cannot make a sound 


echoing the beloved sky 

the keeper of secrets 

held in eyes

that wonder what lies 

beyond the clouds, 

a curiosity that lives to taunt those that are bound

 to the land, 

fearing those that dare to be 

and live like the presence of a shower, 

in the world one moment 

and in the next

 devoured by the same water that allowed us to pour 

it kills me that I'm longing but I won't resist allure

why satiate with something that will leave you wanting more, 


speak to me in your soft voice 

inside me waters boiling and I’ve got to dry the moist 

wipe the window, caress the truth 

and kiss her until you become her skin 

let her birth you back this time veiled


who recognizes you?

the consequence of removing stains, 

the evidence of the


... rain

wash yesterday away 

pour longer and harder until my voice sings to me my sound,

let me learn from you and your thunder

which serves a purpose profound

                                           -Danielle Gazi



a path tailored for each seeker

eye should've spent more time with what you revealed to me, 

eye outlined the footprints left each day

and noticed the steps you'd take to return home,

determining which of your many faces was the conductor of the dream

until the landscape of the manifested unveiled what was beneath

the smile you learned to keep

in the company of grief

... so in the gaze of one who wears what you wouldn't dare to speak

you choose winter's weather to keep your layers underneath

instead of submitting to the honesty you so called seek,

the emptiness that we'd create after our release

paved a path for simplifying complexity,

paved a path for another look at the sky

recognizing the forecast as the color of the ocean's tides 


are not left to be in question but 


ground, center and provide redirection... 

how is it that this is what we've created?

where in the song was this orchestrated?

which instrument do we need to tune, 

to amplify and welcome in truth 

to amplify and welcome in truth 

to amplify and welcome in truth

eye remember you, and this endless dance we do

every time we choose to come to the light

just when the land your on becomes dry,

eye enter the most rainiest season of my life 

our fragmented parts of the same design 

yanking up the stories that do not lead to more breath, 

making more room for a love that allows us to resurrect, 

returning to flesh to address the disconnect, 

oh, won't you stay a little longer?

in the vacant space,

the aches slowly but surely dissipate

and love

reveals itself again,

we can no longer pretend to want to do it alone

and maybe that was the only story all along,

the blinded walk on our journey home.  

                                         -Danielle Gazi




while the sun is red, I'll sit

and feel the world corse through my blood                        

 while all eye hear are the whisper of the leaves

on an normal afternoon

when the sun peaks,

I'll look and see a color is one that isn't usual

on another remarkable day

where it doesn't matter what's my name

because the forces of nature are at play

there is no one to be

other than another person stunted by chance and possibility 

                                      -Danielle Gazi





forgive me life, 

eye didn't consider the possibility

that this doesn't have to stay inside...

it is being born and death, 

shall be mourned for the time spent

delaying labour 

the work of my life is to show up enamored

by the way the cycles take shape

and how tomorrow becomes another day

in the gallery of my heart's creations

let me examine the art 

and take note of its substance 

so that the next time eye begin to crave

what satisfies my hunger is the lane ordained

                                -Danielle Gazi





I’m dying again, haven’t you noticed?
Me unfolding like a lotus
Every cup I serve filled with my blood
how nourishing is it to forget what was
But still have it stored in the pockets of my heart
I’ve got no change for you to take
might hand you a capsule of my mind
a tensile force mirroring time
telling me that there’s some to waste
just like wind is to water,
my thoughts are to my feelings
ushering me along the way
feeling what I’ve thought
thinking what I’ve felt
hoping to come Into new waves
isn’t that what this life is for?
to depart from what was once my core
and find new reasons to quiver my wings
I flew off of hinges just in time
to hear the church bell sing

                                -Danielle Gazi






pussy bleeds nu life                                         

centered in deity,

eye am a wombman, eye am a bridge

like the peak of laughter, eye birth tears to forgive

I've incarnated with rage, but I'll ooze out my child 

with such delicacy, the pain seems to cease to exists

and screams left soft-spoken become quivered lips

at the sight of my disabling smile... 

looking at the creation that somehow affirms me 

as the source of this turning of the page, 

and all the pages turn because

acceptance is the chapter, 

the title stays the same

life is all eye dare to claim,

and in this one it seems fit

to be a centered wombman

                                     -Danielle Gazi















Moon conjunct Pluto                                          

She is plutonic 

grasping on to the depth of all

hoping that she won't fall out of place, 

and expose the lack of grace that surrounds her existence

is it that eye fear leaving the abyss 

knowing that the surface requires me to learn to exist

without pain

you might call that the mundane

but my ability to see all that is restrained 

is the very thing that keeps me welcoming the rain

and the toxins in the water keep the illusions the same

manifesting cycles to remind me why eye came

to learn love, not the depicted complacency 

that has me running from experiencing that are anchoring me

hoping to try on skins, 

eye emerge from diving in, 

there's something about a union

that forces me into my yin

but the echoes of my life, 

make me cultivate that within

scared exchange with my past

I've gained from what's been

my essence you cannot pin 

I'm burning down to break in

I'm a product of my roots 

the world was birthed from sin...

                                -Danielle Gazi




I’ve never resurfaced

Far into the night, my volume losing itself in me


Consuming this bitterness by the grass, 

Appreciating the way the day says goodbye 

Hoping I could be something like it

Willing to solidify in silence, 

making room for the color of sound

In each cloud, 

The possibility of rain lives

 What is it that makes it pour? 

 Do I escape into the sky or live to the answer 

         in my skin, with all its carvings 

The artifact of my digging, my only tool

The preparation I’ve been given 

Stored into my veins, 

Can I sustain the hope for the sun?

While all I see is rain

                                                 -Danielle Gazi








Who is granted the space 

to collapse and crack these floors? 

Those born in homes with pretty tiles 

don’t break into the world like you and I do

Even when misplaced, 

the sudden spark of life you breathe

makes the feet of your inhibitors bleed 

from standing on the land you’ve chosen 

to give birth to this version of 


With skin that speaks the loving language of the ground 

You ought to not swallow that long anticipated exhale,

take your running tears, and shaken limbs,

And shake 

Break into the floor 

Break into the floor, 

Disrupt the gathering as the empty plates are served 

 Do not sacrifice another meal just so that 

you don’t look hungry… 

so many are starving 

and if you just would dare, 

not to return to the urge to 

fix the positioning of your body 

for onlookers digestion, 

you’d bend 

in such a way 

that you would be reminded of your eternal

                                                       -Danielle Gazi



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This is a portal that wields words and sounds to make observations and facilitate methods of release with the intention of weaving the personal and collective unconscious

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