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Here the Ceremony Begins... you coming?

Pictured is the beloved Eleven El Gahada K. Muldrow sitting regally in front of one of her paintings. She just released her first publication titled, "Here the Ceremony Begins," which is intended to be a navigational tool for one's inward journey to accepting the unknown. She is directly inspired by her spiritual journey, constantly finding valuable lessons are forgotten the longer she participates in capitalism and the matrix. This book is a code written for herself, so that she may see through illusions and stay close to truth. 

She describes her energetic signature as grounding but also in the air. She has an earth moon and rising but born at the tail end of Gemini season. She says she was born on the edge of everything. The last day of Spring, in the last year of the century, in the middle of the night. This feeling of being close to the edge is the story of her life. This on the edge feeling has gifted her the ability to perceive the depth of certain spiritual concepts while still being functionally present. 

When asked what she sees for the future, she answered the fall of the patriarchy. Eleven says the earth is purging out its coldness, and therefore, scarcity. Justice and sovereignty will be restored on a soul level for all people. The Earth is transcending patriarchy and is making space for higher planes of existence. This encapsulates the rebirth of the divine feminine. Which leads to the true rebirth of the divine masculine as well. This is beyond gender, this is the unfolding of true harmony on earth. Once the harmony is witnessed we will transcend that binary. 

"The publication is a guide into the present moment that helps you also understand the spiritual unknown. It holds a flashlight onto our relationships, spiritual practices, and soul's journey. It has over 30 meditations, affirmations, and a personal ceremony guide. And lastly it combines physics and spiritual teachings to assist in understanding the roots within energy work and manifestation. This book in its fullness is preparation for rebirth, and comes in people's lives at transcendental and pivotal turning points. It is support for those walking the path to healing and renewal."

-Eleven El Gahada K. Muldrow

Favorite quote from the artifact,

"Who I am, is who I should be, I love and accept me." From the Self Acceptance chapter.

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