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Pluto blesses Keyanna Hutchinson with this channeled message: Sweet Recall

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Endless is term Keyanna uses to describe her existence. In expected Gemini fashion, she has a plethora of ways she communicates with life. One of those ways is music and she is in a pocket of her own with her nu release "Sweet Recall." Keyanna explains that, "Sweet Recall is an anthem to affirm and echo out that the sweetness of life creates a lasting impression of the highest magnitude in ways that the bombardment of bitterness never could. There is joy in the sunrise, there is beauty in the heart space, in unification, in bravery, in humility through acceptance in the death of what was — becoming that which liberates us."


Keyanna goes on to say, "Metaphysically speaking my personal encounters with the “death of” led me to acknowledge and love the parts of myself that would eventually succumb to their demise. I laid rest to patterns, beliefs, and imagery that did not aid in the highest expression of my being. The intention is not to forget them but instead reflect on the sweetness extracted." 

The song takes a poetic turn on rock, enabling the listener to connect to the message within all the different aspects of the track. Keyanna proclaims "I Am, You See" throughout the song highlighting the endless nature of identity and how each experience molds and crafts what is within our skin. When asked about the root to this mode of expression, Keyanna connected her chords to the symphony of the universe by sharing :

"From an astrological lens on death and rebirth, I’ve recently been thinking about how now that that we are well into Scorpio season, the presence of darkness and heaviness in the world right now is one to accept, bear, and even withstand as it will serve as the catalyst for the collective and individual transformative healing that we undergo to integrate and reach true wholeness. Scorpio is about the uncovering of truth, getting to the bottom of the matter in order to identify our motives - much like a detective. With this season, we also learn that it is okay and sometimes even necessary to sit with discomfort, take time to actually feel and process emotional information to its full extent - so much so that you’re consumed by no other choice/desire but to change - because you’ve bared too much and you’ve gone too deep. So after fermenting within the pain, Scorpio is left with wisdom and uses that to self actualize the wisdom gained. Being called to discard of what once was to usher in a new and transformed self.  I, myself am a Scorpio moon and I know this journey quite well :’) Music has always served as an outlet in which I could process personal trauma and that of the world (which are not separate). It allows me to acknowledge all that aids us in our healing.



Listen to Sweet Recall out on bandcamp now!

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