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The Logic of Faith: Mercury Retrograde

Mercury stations retrograde in Capricorn on 12/12 alongside the Nu Moon in Sagittarius. Since Mercury has been in Sagittarius already and is now moving backwards headed towards the same territory we have already crossed, we know that as a collective we will be revisiting themes surrounding Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the energy signature we encounter after we have charted through the underworld of Scorpio. In that underworld journey, we gather and retrieve parts of ourselves that we may have turned our backs to and we take the necessary steps to feel our way through integrating them. This process is necessary for us to receive Sagittarius’s desire to reveal and act on a truth that is discovered through the experiences life has to offer. Once reborn through the ashes of Scorpio, we arrive at a new mind with Mercury in Sagittarius. A mind nourished by seeing the connecting thread within the grand scope of existence. 

Mercury moved into Capricorn December 1st initiating a shift in the collective’s receptivity to information. The way we engage with the information that we get now has limits. We desire to follow the rules, to be cautionary and to take a firm position. Mercury is retrograde through much of the month, setting the tone for us to pull inward and review the history of how repetitive actions have influenced the way we are experiencing life. As we merge with Saturn’s influence on our mental sphere the history of what we are experiencing comes into question. Capricorn is a sign of legacy, and we know to leave a mark you must investigate the path carved before you. Mars, the planet of desire and war, is exalted in Capricorn because the most strategic way to get what you want is to follow a plan consistently. With Mercury in Capricorn, our thought frequencies are grounded and practical. We want to invest mental energy into what will bear fruit and we want that fruit to sustain us long term. 

So while our short trip through Mercury in Sagittarius exposed to us glimpses of the shifts necessary to embody our beliefs, Capricorn needs us to make it real. What structures do we need to implement or dismantle to be the shift which we so desperately ache to experience? Before we can go there, on December 23rd we return back to Mercury in Sagittarius making it clear that there is more to be learned to strengthen our belief. In astrology, Mercury falls in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a big picture energy. Jupiter desires to expand through discovering faith. Mercury desires the details, the steps, the pieces to the puzzle, it wants to develop a formula that is applicable to its neighbor. Mercury has to translate differently in Sagittarius since it is often not so easy to translate your vision with words, especially when your vision is a composite of experiences that are unique to you. Something that is accessible to us all is the collective unconscious because we are all a part of it. Our thoughts as a collective have been centered around the world we’d like to see. Especially with the uprising of more and more people having to face the reality of the world that we exist in. Sagittarius brings the warmth of connection which inspires us to reach beyond what we can see. It is the most mature expression of fire because through a variety of different experiences in life, we learn to unite what fuels us with what is needed for the environment we exists within.

This Mercury retrograde, I want you to consider whether or not we need to hold on to our truths in order to respond to life with acuity, efficacy and vision. Does not knowing “the truth” undermine our ability to function within the world? Mercury in Sagittarius will square Neptune in Pisces a total of three times through this transit. Neptune is a far distanced and illusive energy signature, which deals with illusions, imagination and deception. Squares are opportunities to address tension so that we can unite with more flow. This transit could simply and plainly mean lies being bypassed, or possibly revealed depending on how it engages with your signature. However, as a whole we are being asked to integrate our deeply embedded beliefs with the emotional sphere of the universe. In order to strengthen our belief, we must address what it is we refuse to believe and why. What is impossible to the mind is child's play to the heart. There are emotional undercurrents within our pain bodies that stifle our ability to go with the current. Neptune asks us to dream up our transcendence and although we have a lot of earth energy in our outer planets, asking us to remain grounded, our imagination is what gives us the ability to transcend limits. Use that imagery you have of a bigger picture to inspire movement toward that distant goal day by day. Capricorn climbs the mountain to find itself there alone, and often with another mountain to climb. Sagittarius can enjoy the view and often wants to enjoy it with those who also find beauty in the vision.

Submerge yourself into the feeling that moves you to believe there is more to what is and act on it. Slowly. Retrogrades are about review. Take the time to observe from far how your beliefs actively create limits in your life and then let go. Find a plan that allows to you see your desires through while still holding yourself accountability for your role within your environment and within your worldly community. Slowly but surely, we will all develop nu eyes and better visions. Visions that enhance the quality of life for all.

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