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Hello World, Welcome to Sagittarius Szn

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

                                                                                                    This piece of text refers to the Kemetic and Greek names for the zodiac


We are shifting to a worldview that asks us to acknowledge our co-creation with the Divine. This has been presented conceptually, intellectually and even in a physical and tangible sense but Scorpio season asked us for our reason and that is an emotional territory. Serket is a water energy. Water holds memory, which is a source of connectivity. This cycle asks us to see the connection between the past and the present while also recognizing that it is all happening at once. What has been will be again, but what we do this time is up to us. 


Scorpio (Serket) energy is the underworld. Where pollution is stored, it is where we find what has tainted the water, and with applied pressure, we cleanse. There is no nu life without death. We are all ancestors, someone had to die sometime for us to be here now. This most recent Nu Moon was conjunct Mars. Mars is how we apply a nu course of action to give birth to a nu experience. Birthing is painful, there are contractions, there is release, and most certainly, there is pressure.

As we move beyond the personal energies within the astrological wheel (Aries-Virgo) and shift to the second half of the zodiac, our experience calls us to feel our connectivity to the whole. We can feel inside what is happening in the world. We can feel the suffering of each other. We can experience each other’s deep longings for change. We know that it is time to embrace something different, but how do we arrive there? There is no plan on how to heal the planet, but there are spectacles of divinity waiting to be discovered within each of us. Each of us travels in darkness so that we can discover navigational tools that may have been hidden beneath a false light. We have collectively arrived at this false light. Notice the uproar about the atrocious abuse of power in Israel and how it has sparked conversation around the dismantling of all imperialist systems and its effect on those who are vulnerable to its destructive nature. This is a mirror of the journey we are guided to. The journey of arriving at unprecedented truth. This is Scorpio’s territory, and as we embark on Sagittarius, it is impossible to not see the world with nu eyes. Except that these eyes are not filled with delusional optimism, nor are they filled with doom and gloom, they are prepared to implement actions led by faith, which shifts things into motion.


What does faith look like in the context of the collective? We must begin with what connects us. If there is one Creator, whom we are all born from, there must be something from that source accessible to us. Some call it energy, spirit, consciousness, etc... Whatever it is, they have their own language. It exists beyond the facades of the faces and dwells in the heart. If you pay attention, your heart always communicates with you. If it aches, we will hate. We will find conflict to affirm the heart’s experience when we really need acknowledgement. Neith (Sagittarius) is a part of the axis of communication, with its complement being Tehuti (Gemini). Sagittarius has the desire to communicate with the beyond; it wants to find a connective point that holds the key to the door that opens all existence. It wants to see itself within all its experiences. Gemini has a desire to communicate with life; it wants to find itself within the surrounding conversations of the day to day and ultimately within silence. What is all this noise about? Gemini seeks to see the seed of the fruit. This Full moon in Tehuti asks us to become more familiar with the subtle sounds of our inner worlds.


As the structure of our society continues to fall, we all come into battle with our identities. A lot of the qualities we deem untrustworthy and disastrous within the oppressor exists within our interpersonal dynamics in a much more subtle expression. Think about how the desire to conquer shows up when conflict is present. Have you ever considered that these energy signatures exist within all of us, just at different magnitudes and different vehicles of expression? Shadows are shadows and they only run rampant when they are left unacknowledged. When we do the work to address these energy signatures, we make room for them to be shrunk in size and impact. We alchemize its existence into something that nourishes who we are truly and therefore those around us. Our shadows continue to seek opportunities for expansion. The strength and determinism available for us to demand shifts at a global level is hidden within the shadows of our own little world. Within that nature, we find the source of our restriction and the truth of the limitations we perceive as reality. Must we continue to rely on corporations that fund death? Must we continue operating within an economy that promises burnout and an inability to focus energy on resolve for beings outside ourselves? This is no longer working, and it is time to have a conversation about it.


Many have been restructuring their investments so that their lives can reflect the quality of their values, especially since we’ve been in the North Node in Hapi (Taurus) cycle for the past two years which switched to Amun (Aries) just this spring. This is essential for the preparation required to create paradigms that promote the preservation of life. When we learn to preserve ourselves, we can become more sensitive to the inklings from our connective point to the All. This is often called Oneness. When we are able to perceive this sense of communication, we can be directed towards an action that breathes more life into life. This is what the Mercurial archetype (Gemini’s ruling planet) offers us, a gift to see patterns. Within patterns we find connection. Connection allows us to travel further. When we travel together, we arrive at our destination without calculating our arrival. Tehuti is the solver of the puzzle piece and must learn to perceive not just with the mind but also the heart. It listens to sharpen its sensibility. Tehuti represents the power of sound. Gemini rules over the nervous system so we see the direct connection between what we hear and what we sense. A part of what we hear is what we don’t. Think about how much information we get about one another when we share a space in silence. Think about how often what we feel within that space contradicts what we share out of our mouths. To fine tune our sensibility we need to learn to listen to more and notice what to turn the volume up on, and when to turn it down. This Full Moon asks us to encourage dialogue about the world we’d like to see so that Sagittarius season can prepare for us the experiences that expand our wisdom on which direction to take.


Sagittarius and Gemini are both archetypes that are on a journey to learn the value in truth. What restricts us from living a life that is embedded with our truth: ignoring the things we genuinely desire. Our desires are little portals into a world that is filled with more of what we truly wish to see. None of it is impossible, but within the confines of a power structure that demands subservience we’ve become blinded to our contribution to the next moment, and so forth. We must learn to cultivate a sensitivity to the Oneness and its guidance. We must learn to see the thread in the patterns we wear to choose a nu cloth.

When someone chooses to exercise their power and positions someone to be deprived of their birth rights to resources, offered and sustained naturally by the Earth; it is because there is a spirit within that wishes to be acknowledged for how they were deprived. These spirits go nowhere until they are properly addressed. What do we do when we see the results of neglected hearts and silenced mouths? When the violence becomes too unbearable to digest and even our dissociation cannot remove us from the loud “NO!” screaming from our hearts when we look at the state of what is? This is when we call on our scribe, Tehuti.

Our inner scribe takes notes on everything and gives us access to the extraction of what was valuable within it all. This is where we must learn to put our attention as a collective if we are to be the creators of our world. The Messengers must speak and must guide. Those who have swam in uncharted waters will be the leaders of society. Those that have activated within them an immense capacity to be truth. Only then will it be unbearably clear that there is a larger sense of guidance accessible to each and everyone of us. Where does it lead? We can’t say but it will be better than here.


Perhaps being a contributor to the existence of every living being on the planet with the simple patterns of your breath is far too much responsibility for little ol’ you. You must be thinking, “I’ve gotta worry about myself right now,” or “this is just more of that New Age spiritual jargon,” but seriously, I am not talking about mere belief, I am talking about faith based action. We need more people to move mountains so that the world can see that mountains are movable. When we listen with our sensibility, the instructions we receive will aid us in arriving at truth. So go forward, in true Sagittarius fashion, lead with the heart and be rooted in breath. Change is on the horizon but we must stomach our contribution to what is to access the potency available to us, inherently, by way of our connection to ourselves and one another.

So this Full Moon in Gemini, submit to the possibility that the ideas you have, even if you have no idea of where you're going with it, are worthy and necessary for us all. Andre 3000's "New Blue Sun" was the perfect example of the cosmic expression of this Full Moon, with Andre being a Gemini himself he is the physical representation for this collective cycle, modeling to us what it looks like to be swim in uncharted waters without knowing if or when you'll reach the shore. Thank you fellow co-creator for tapping in.

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