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Heaven Dennis

Heaven is a Fashion Stylist and Private Chef. She specializes in meals that heal & style that speaks from the soul. Food and fashion have allowed her to pursue passion and heal her community. What opened the door for this path was the activism work she participated in during her youth. She loves to be of service to her surroundings and was looking for active ways to fulfill her heart's desire. She realized that people needed to be educated through fashion. We usually see fashion as way to express ourselves and her journey has been to aid in the liberation of this art form. Her forefront desire is to embody her role as a food educator which entails teaching everything from food cleansing methods, herbs we can use to season our food instead of dehydrating salts and meals that facilitate healing in the body. These are her creative expressions. The sole intention is to uplift and empower the original people of the Earth by contributing to a better quality of life. On this journey, she has been blessed with the experience of black excellence and community healing and looks to continue that legacy. 

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