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Danielle Gazi

Danielle Gazi is a multidisciplinary healing artist and visionary. Originating from Harlem, New York she celebrates her existence by being a muse and experimenting with many different mediums as portals for creation. Danielle is an an active member of the Tehuti Ma'at Militia which is a grassroots cooperative that serves as a resource mechanism to foster political, social, and economic empowerment through awareness, healing, unification, and activation. She participates in the Organic Food for the People offering at Tehuti Ma'at as a gardener right in the heart of Brooklyn. Her work with film, music, poetry, painting and archetypal astrology serve to assist in allowing the personal to be discovered as universal. Danielle has been featured by DAZED, VOGUE Italia, VOGUE Runway, ELLE Mexico, Rookie Mag, North Six Production Company, David Zwirner Gallery amongst others for her artistry including modeling, writing, styling and creative direction. 

One of her leading values is that there is innate power is in perception. This value has led Danielle throughout her life as she navigated her initiations into wombmanhood and artistry with only the guidance of nature and those who spoke to her through it. Art has led Danielle to a deep reverence for the symbolic language that the Isness of life communicates through. She has always had an innate interest in studying the Medu Neter as a child and began interpreting the carvings and paintings of the ancestors at the age of 6. The stories told through the mythology inspired her to write stories of her own. This writing practice expanded into song and poetry and has stuck as an essential aspect to the essence of who Danielle is. She started to activate the wisdom of the elements intentionally by observing the cosmic forces of nature and the way they communicate at 15 years of age.  


With her observation of self, relational dynamics, the study of the social sciences and interfacing with nature during moments of catalysts in her life Danielle has embarked on a journey to attune herself to the rhythm of patterns that exists within all of existence. These patterns are mostly known as archetypes. A huge part of her healing has been exploring what wants to be expressed organically through her by recognizing the vastness of what is expressed within the details of each element of life. 



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