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Cosmic Navigation

Astrology is the tracking of Celestial Movement including the planet we live on. In the book, The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation, it is written that, “Each one of us represents a consensus or aggregate of vibrations, a sum total of those present in Nature at the time we come into birth.” Life is adjustment and we are all often adjusting to the cosmic weather from our vantage point whether we are conscious of this or not. We all attract our lessons and opportunities to restore karmic order within our lives on a collective and personal level. This karmic order is encoded in our bloodline. Our elemental makeup is ancestral genetic information. Astrology is a tool to dig up this information. Everything from the conditioning of our lives, the environments we were raised in, the generation we incarnated into, our parents' elemental makeup and so forth, create the patterns in which we express our DNA. This can be perceived through the natal chart. There is an eternal interplay, a recombination that is always serving to give shape to the architecture of reality. This is where we get archetypes from. The archetypes inform us of our interconnectedness, as each of our minds, souls and psyches rest upon the unshakeable ground of the elements. Through this language our role in each other’s lives are revealed while simultaneously exposing us to our primal instincts or what eye like to call our "Home Frequency." The archetypes are informers of energetic signatures that can be harnessed however the vessel consciously or unconsciously decides to do so. Cosmic Navigation is an approach of astrology that unveils the patterns that create our psychological and physiological environments. The intention is to reveal how the elements expressed in nature can be used to return to a balanced state of these expressions, and ultimately transcend these patterns through the engagement of their polarities as complements.. 

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Elemental Consultation ($125) 1 hour
This is an exploration of energetic constitution through looking at the angular houses, dominant planets and frequent patterns in the aspects of the chart to follow ancestral, psychological and physiological themes in this lifetime. This service is intended to offer additional self awareness to client's life by highlighting how their energy is experienced internally and externally.
Specific questions regarding directional path, tools for personal activation, cycling of patterns and relationship themes can be answered here or brought further into question.


Elemental Consultation w/ Tea Package ($185)
This service is offered with personalized elemental tea package at request for an additional $50. The tea package includes a month worth of herbal teas crafted with specific herbs that are in alignment with your body's energetic constitution or what is herbs can assist in bringing your energetic signature back to its origins. This additional service is intended to provide a path for coming into resonance with the element within that is needing to be harnessed for our optimal well being.


Energetic Preparation Consultation ($200)
This is an analysis of the upcoming transits at a collective level and how they are interfacing with your natal alignments. We will discuss potential themes of a three month cycle beginning from the day of our exchange. In addition, we will discuss how to best harness the energy cycle for potent manifestation of your intentions for the time period. We will look at what planets are aspecting your ascendant sign (affecting your perception and how you are perceived), moon sign (your internal and emotional reality) and what sector the sun will be in (what will become a focus). We will look at the dominant elemental forces amongst the collective and discuss how this is will impact the different areas of your life. Most importantly we will develop together the application of a grounding technique for remaining centered during this energy cycle and craft personal tools for adjusting to the cosmic weather.




A raw, transformative, and freeing experience. The engagement was natural and moved me to further my self discovery. I tell you; it was a time. Danielle’s offerings are authentic and far beyond the physical realm. I appreciate her thorough explanation of the houses and how they correlate to our becoming (the past and present) while navigating the unknown spaces within self. I met my inner self at places that I didn’t even know existed and areas which mentally, I thought I had closed chapters to but are still very prevalent. The release of emotions during our exchange revealed to me how much I have been suppressing. How I needed to take more time to tend to my inner garden which Danielle used as a metaphor to illustrate one of the themes in my chart. It felt as if I had stripped away the petals on my flower and was granted an empty mind to plant seeds from scratch. To bloom in a way that feels organic but also clarity around how to implement the practices I need to deepen what was gained from the conversation. A new layer of skin has formed and is ready to be received by me. I am truly grateful.

                                                            Samantha C.             

                                                            El Barrio, New York

Saminaz Zaman

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Upon sitting down with Danielle, I shortly realized that her ability is far beyond astrology. She asked me about something that happened prior to our meeting that she should’ve had no awareness of. It startled me and she proceeded to ease me into the pattern of the circumstance and how it shows up in my natal chart. I gained much insight to the thread of some of my major life experiences and even felt activated to clear the cycles after leaving the shop. I will always come back to this reading as a center point for me when I am in turbulent times. The best part of it all is that she led me to myself which I wasn’t expecting at all. Nothing but great things to say! I will be back. 


Manhattan, NY

"My astrological experience with Danielle was a breathe of fresh air. I encountered a reflection of myself that needed to be addressed on a deeper level.  She made me feel welcomed, abundant and I left feeling unstoppable. Her open-minded viewpoints gave me a logical understanding of what my spirit is yearning for. I received confirmation for aspects of myself I suspected needed to be illuminated but never engaged with in they way they were during our consultation. I look forward to implementing what I feel was the most important part of the offering which was the need to make room for self before servicing to others. Every experience in life requires faith and my consultation with Danielle grounded me in how I go about my engagement with faith and how to personally cultivate it." 

Jessica Rose

Manhattan, NY

"A reading with Danielle was the perfect way to usher in the new year! Danielle possesses genuine talent, knowledge, intuition and a warmth about her that prompts you to open up to receiving and trusting in her word. She asks for the date, time and location of your birth. Her ability to translate your chart into tangible qualities, condense information in a way that’s digestible, and provide advice based on your questions proves evident that she is operating in her true calling. Her grace, articulation and passion for what she does has helped her gain a client for life! She’s given me a fresh perspective and trust in the path I’m on and what’s in store for me. "

Tunu Thom

Brooklyn, NY

"Dani Gazi is prodigious, intuitive and responsive. Possessing the qualities of an astrological maverick, she is interminably studious. Seeking deeper understanding, meaning and alchemizing external information into star power and ancestral guidance is her gift. 


Give her your birth time and accurate location of birth. She will ask you to provide three specific questions about yourself or life path that you intend to seek answers and clarity. You will not be disappointed. Her ability to gracefully synthesize, condense and assess various elements in your chart is a raw gem. Dani Gazi will read you with accuracy, grace, direction and passion. With her 

genuine desire to centralize African and Indigenous understanding of the stars, her gift is respecting individuality and utilizing the heavens wisdom to support one’s unique place and path for the upliftment of the collective human family."

Caylee Robertson

Maui County, Hawaii

"If you want to look into the multi-layered dimensional aspect of yourself to become more enlightened on what your truth is, I recommend a reading with Dani. Dani is a very old soul disguised in a 22 year old form. She provides ancient wisdom and translates knowledge from the stars. Since my reading with Dani, I've gained precious knowledge that guides me in my day to day life. After bring gifted with such profound knowledge, I can't help but want to continue this journey of self discovery.

Alfa Betic 

Bronx, NY

"Wowww your chart reading was so detailed I’m really looking at myself/feeling about myself differently. From the squares in my chart to the houses and their meaning to the whole retrograde, You put me on to so much planetary game I ain’t know a lick about!  I gotta read a couple times to internalize. The way you explained each placement and it’s potential for me really put my behavior and decisions into perspective. You broke down my planetary energies and shined light on the dark places in my psyche I’ve just begun to acknowledge and it really made me feel seen. I’m glad I will always be able to look back to this reading as I continue to grow. Your words allowed me to innerstand that I’m not completely honest with all parts myself. Thank you so much. This was beyond helpful for me. Super detailed and overall exponential I appreciate you. Much love. A very happy client. 
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